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I hope that by spending just a little time with you, I can help inspire you to express everything you want to say on the day - in your own way.
I encourage my couples to write your own personalized vows. This helps you both reflect the depth of feeling for one another, and to emphasise the strength of your love for one another. Some couples adapt the traditional wording, and some write totally original words …. Some are humorous, some are very personal, and some are real "tear jerkers" … It doesn't matter, as long as the words capture the spirit of the moment and the essence of who you are, and what you want to promise to one another.


You don't have to memorise a word … I will guide you every step and every word.

"Every day I wake beside you is the best day of my life."
"We look forward to a future of dreams, to fulfill and share"
"I give you my hand and heart as a sanctuary of warmth and peace."
"Our marriage will be like a good pot of freshly brewed coffee … strong, energizing, and guaranteed to keep us awake all night"
"From this day forward I promise to share with you the secrets of my soul"
"Today I give my life to the most wonderful person I have ever met
'You touched my hand … and I knew "


My Fee includes many additional items with my compliments to help "set the scene":

• Activation of Notice of Intended Marriage
• Administration & formal correspondence
• Personal folder with all your information
• Travel costs
• Design of your unique ceremony
• Use of Red Carpet (Aisle & Ceremonial area)
• Candle stands & Hurricane Globes
• Topiary trees & prayer flags
• Registration table, decorated to your theme
• State of the art PA system with CD/tape
• Keepsake Certificates
• Your State Registered "Certificate of Marriage"

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