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Some thoughts on planning your ceremony

One of the attractions of having a civil ceremony is that you are free to hold your ceremony in which ever way you see fit ...

The choices of how and where are yours. I am always thrilled when I am invited to conduct a ceremony somewhere and sometime different to the usual Saturday afternoon.


Choosing a date is a task that can pose some real problems. What's your calendar like? When is your bridesmaid's new baby due? Is it your fiance's annual 'boys skiing' weekend, the week before?


Try to find a date that doesn't clash with football grand finals, major events, like the triathlon, which has roads blocked etc, and so that accommodation isn't all booked out in your town.

Don't be afraid to choose an "off peak" time of day, day of week, and time of year. Sometimes the bridal industry suppliers will discount for 'non Saturday' weddings.


Once you've chosen a date, it's time to start putting all your dreams in place.

et aside time together to create your once only event. Together you can create an outline of the type of ceremony that reflects who you are and what you value ... visualise what it will be like, imagine it, smell it, feel it, hear the music and feel its beat and believe in it. And then I'll help you create it.

I suggest that you find a quite place, and together, see what possibilities you uncover that aren't the usual …..what is most important to you in this time of celebration?

Consider what marriage means to you. Is it the ultimate act of trust, patience, happiness, compassion, friendship, laughter?
The time you invest in thinking about your ceremony, is time invested in your future together.

As your celebrant my challenge is to craft a ceremony that is identifiably you …. You are wholly free to make your own choices within the legal framework for marriage in Australia ….my heartfelt suggestion is that your ceremony should be honest, truthful, and pursued with a sincerity of purpose. If you speak openly of the feelings in your heart, and don't say anything you don't mean, you can't go wrong!


My Fee includes:

• Activation of Notice of Intended Marriage
• Administration & lodgement of all other marriage documents

• Design of a personalised ceremony service

• Travel costs
• Printing of Official Registers and Certificate

• PA system/ Microphones for use by celebrant
• Clothed and decorated table and chair for signing the Register and Certificates
• Your State Registered "Certificate of Marriage"

You may by arrangement utilise a selection of my ceremony styling decor and aisle decorations to help "set the scene".

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