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There are many unique and personal ways to say goodbye.

The work I have conducted over the past years has been encouraged both by love and friendship and the mourning of those who have passed, and the honouring of death.


There are countless ways to reflect- mostly we reflect for "emotional nurturance".

Ceremonies of Reflection are a powerful way, a meaningful and practical way, to celebrate any major life event, including all the stages of life, including birth and death, the cycles of nature, rituals for our daily life, and healing ceremonies, a ritual of separation

What more wonderful and individual way than to create a ceremony to celebrate and remember important times in your life.

"Closing the Gates' created for the sale of a family property after 5 generations had worked the land and raised their families there. The ceremony had great spiritual significance for the family entrusting the land to new owners, and for the new owners being welcomed.

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