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Personalise your wedding: Themes, Rituals & Vows



A fun & creative way to personalise your wedding is to carry a particular theme all the way through, including the ceremony. It's the perfect way to put your personal signature on the day, be it; simple & natural, contemporary chic, vintage elegance, gorgeous gardens, tropical dreams, formal glamour, nautical, sports, masquerade, historic homestead, majestic beaches ... The ideas are limitless, and can help to create that memorable WOW factor.


All wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition and rituals. Many rituals come from our different cultures and faiths. Many have been handed down through generations. Some are being created as modernized versions ... All traditions evolve over time.

There is a special charm in sharing the love with others, simply by including them in your ceremony. It can be very moving.


I've been lucky to be invited to craft wonderful "rituals" acknowledging family heirlooms, and honouring family traditions, and I'm always privileged to do so.

Perhaps inviting a guest to share the heartfelt sentiments from lines of poetry, is all that is needed, for your special ceremony.

Or perhaps you'd like to include one of my sentimental favourites such as:

• Honouring your love in a Declaration of Hands.
• Proclaiming your love in simple Honouring of Hearts.
• The blessing of your wedding bands in a Ring Warming.
• Timeless Candle Lighting ceremonies, the Covenant of Sand, Sharing of Wine.
• A touching Rose ceremony. Bell ringing. Pouring and Blessing of Pure Water …
• Traditional Tying the Knot and beautiful Handfasting ceremonies.
• The magical Ritual of Coloured Ribbons.
• A Family Unity or Commitment to Children for blended families.

To name but a few!

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