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Your Ceremony


Celebrants are individuals, and we all differ in our approach and delivery.

As with all things 'wedding' the earlier you book the more opportunity you have of securing the person you want as your preferred celebrant, and the date and time you desire. Saturday afternoons are the most popular time for weddings, and are my most busy. Many clients secure a date 12 to 18 months in advance with me with Fridays and Sundays becoming more popular. I like to leave as much time as possible between each ceremony, to set up, to take my breath, and make sure the scene is perfect before your guests arrive..


I love our rich traditions, associated with wedding ceremonies and adore the wonderful inspirational alternatives now available to us, in celebrating and remembering important times in our lives.


Sometimes in all the planning for your "big day" which can occupy so much of your time, it's very easy to forget about the significance of the ceremony. Your ceremony is your opportunity to say "this is what I love about you, and this is what I promise for the rest of our life together" I'd like to help you create a ceremony which is just as special as your relationship - and help you craft a sentiment which is a reflection of who and what you are together.


You don't have to write your ceremony. I'll write that for you. But I will encourage you to write your personal commitment to one another. These are your VOWS.

Your ceremony should have meaning for you and not just be a carbon copy of a ceremony I crafted for someone else … unless the words and personality have meaning for you.

After all, there are only three really special words to share,"I LOVE YOU" but a million ways to say them and share their meaning.

You will be required, by law, to say a few  words - 'I call upon all present to witness, that I ABC, take you DEFGH, to be my lawful/wedded/ husband/wife/ spouse/ partner in marriage. I'll help you to get the balance of personal and legal just right.


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