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Each renewal ceremony is unique

To reaffirm your commitment to your life companion, who knows you and accepts you as you are, is very special.


It is a way to symbolizing your commitment and is therefore very personal - an intimate gift to one another.


There are no set guidelines for reaffirmations. The most popular place to hold ceremony is at the family home. Although I always love it when I'm invited for a renewal celebration at the beach, in a local park or private garden, in a vineyard, or even on a boat cruise. It really doesn't matter where you celebrate, as long as it is convenient for you and your guests.


The ceremony does not have any legality attached, but there is still an important role for witnesses, friends and relatives and probably children.


I like to personalize each ceremony, reflecting on your changes through life together, and your journey yet to be traveled.


Frequently these ceremonies are used to celebrate significant anniversaries … and what a wonderful way to acknowledge that profound union, whether it be 1 year, 5, 10, 25, 30, 40 or 50, years of marriage and every year in between.


Please feel welcome to phone me and discuss your ideas for your celebration of love and devotion. It will be my absolute pleasure to help you create the perfect statement of reaffirmation of your life together.

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