Hi, I am Debra Steber, but most of my friends call me Debbie and some call me Deb -

 I am proud to be a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, obsessed with anything to do with weddings and ceremonies.

I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, appointed to solemnise marriages anywhere in Australia, according to Australian Law.

   Whether you have an LGBTI 'pair bond' or you are a ‘regular’ bride and groom, I offer my warmest congratulations on your pending marriage.

                                         I expect you’re excited at the prospect of getting married and I share that joy and excitement with and for you.

Looking for a Celebrant who is inclusive, passionate, and highly experienced?

You have come to the right place.

This day should be  made special for you BOTH, as you stand hand in hand making your vows and showing your family and friends that you really care about one another.

I’d be delighted to welcome you to our beautiful Barrington Coast with plans for your memorable Marriage Ceremony.

I like to make simple remembrances of that cherished moment when you say ‘I do,’ as you follow life’s path on your journey together.

I am truly dedicated to professional service with years of experience as a reputable celebrant.

I wholeheartedly give premium service at not so an expensive price.

Whether it’s for an intimate wedding or a lavish day-long celebration your ceremony deserves to have ‘masterpiece moments (hugs, kisses laughter and the obligatory tears) and treasured memories … so the love your sharing stay with you forever.’

Life is a collage and Weddings are a mosaic – our community is like a mosaic of persons and personalities – there is no ONE SIZE fits all and so I truly believe the same is correct for ceremonies – no one size ideal ceremony … your ceremony should be as diverse as you,

authentically reflective of you as an individual and as a couple.

What matters to you matters to me.

Not all weddings are filled with ‘frou frou’ and extravagance and expenses – in fact the smaller intimate gatherings and settings are usually all the more special – a little more relaxed, most of all lots of personal meaning ensuring your personalities shine through, and usually a touch of fun.


‘Home’ wedding options can also be much kinder on the wallet and offer ways to make your day even more personal and memorable. Your options are boundless and you won’t be constrained by rules and regulations of public places and venues. Really think about what your priorities are.               With just a little effort and forethought your wedding ceremony and reception for family and friends can be a fabulous, stylish event that is enjoyable, stress free and about starting your married lives with choices that are best for you. some sage advice -  It's better to start your married lives together without the burden of money stress and worries. It’s YOUR wedding day -  it will be glorious, because it’s YOURS.                                                                                     There’s nothing wrong with your ceremony at home and then heading into the park or surrounding landscape for a backdrop to your photos.

Whatever style YOU decide to go with is the perfect way for YOU to start your married lives.

I am particularly well known for creating special rituals with ceremony covering a huge variety of traditions. I am always happy to provide couples with inspiration and advice on every aspect of their celebration – regardless of budget - I have lots of hints and tips from years of experience.

I live in a rather special house with established gardens and river frontage, offering special views, an abundance of 'places' to stand and be married - a deck area, courtyard, private balcony, the bridge, the gazebo and the expansive bunker; an ideal location to bring a few family and friends together for your special wedding ceremony.  I welcome you adding a theme to suit your personal style. The use of our 'home' is complimentary, however numbers are strictly limited - you need to speak personally with me. There is also access to a floating pontoon. 


Choosing your venue will be one of your biggest and first decisions  … that is … after asking the love of your life to marry you or if you’re the other half saying “yes”

What is your vision for your wedding?


Start by considering - 

  • Do you want your ceremony and reception in the same location?

  • Do you need a permit for a public venue and what is the fee associated with that? Check with local authorities about any special event that may interrupt your plans. Is it an alcohol free Zone? Is there toilet facilities close by? And think about parking!                                                                

  • How many guests do you plan on inviting?

  •  Do you want to be outside or indoors for ceremony? Inclement weather can pose a problem.

  • What time of year works best for you? Think Seasonal – autumn colours, summer sun, winter chills, spring blossom.


And then start to think about your wedding style


  • The sweeping crescent of beach early in morning or at sunset.

  • Fields and Farms can provide the perfect setting –shearing sheds and barns with rustic charm.

  • Indulge your Vintage style – heritage and historic buildings.

  • Don’t be afraid to go delightfully Eclectic.

  • The spring delight of flower filled Garden Party

  • Urban, eco, contemporary, chic – ethical policy.

  • Distinctively, DYI perfectly you – thrifty and lovingly handcrafted.


 You’re not done planning yet –

  • Dresses and accessories

  • Invitations

  • Menus

  • Cake

  • Flowers

  • Decorations

  •  The Honey moon

  •  And the rest of your lives TOGETHER – someone else already said it “To Infinity and Beyond”


Thank you for taking the time to view all this info - I hope the information has inspired you some and I look forward to discussing your plans for your marriage ceremony.

I wish you all the best with planning your big day.

And I wish you a ‘Happily Ever After Day”

Give me a phone call or post your inquiry on the contact page and I’ll help you get started.

Trust a celebrant with the experience and expertise.

Deb, Debbie, Debra Steber