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Hello, you’re getting married, how wonderfully exciting. 

I truly believe in the amazing power of love. 

So now you are becoming overwhelmed with the list of 'To-Do's'?

Don’t worry, I’m the solution for your ceremony.


Hi everyone, I am Deb Steber, Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

I know the importance of each detail for Marriage in Australia and I assume the whole process with professionalism and dedication. 

My many years of experiences allow me to be aware of all the details, be able to guide you during the preparations in an organised and precise way, so that you arrive on your big day minus the worries, so that you only dedicate yourself to enjoying your wedding moments. 

Being able to describe a perfect wedding is very subjective. Whether it is on top of a mountain or while snorkelling in clear waters, regardless of the season, there are countless places to join in marriage. Exotic places, serene beaches, charming cities, rugged historical places to the most extravagant places.


For some, the perfect wedding is in a beautiful B&B intimate venue outside the city; or in a luxurious hotel, reception venue with all the services at hand.  Planning a beach wedding has its own challenges, but not impossible. A Destination Wedding is one that takes place somewhere of your choosing – it can be any destination. Destination weddings are ideal for couples who want something unique as well as combining it with a vacation for family and friends. It is also ideal for those who want to take advantage of the trip to start their honeymoon right away after the ceremony and reception. 

Achieving what makes you feel happy about the ceremony part of your day is my personal priority for my ‘to-be married couples.’ 


For couples who wish to manage most or some parts of their marriage ceremony, I can assist you along the way, lending you my guidance and expertise, and help manage any elements that you wish to entrust to me. 

Deb, at a glance … 


I adore my job as a celebrant and will happily guide and support you with suggestions and lots of samples of various services and rituals like, sand ceremonies, hand fasting, keys, shells or stones, rose ceremony and a myriad of others, as well as help with wording of vows and declarations, meaningful readings and poems … should you need some help. 


It has been my pleasure to be able to design, create and deliver a huge variety of ceremonies for my couples. 


Ceremonies should be romantic, fun and engaging for not only for you as a couple, but also for everyone who is attending your wedding ceremony. 


A wedding should honour who and what you love. And every couple, I believe, deserves their own “fairytale” moment.  


I reside in my favourite river side suburb of Tinonee not far from Taree and not too far up the road from Forster Tuncurry and a pretty drive from Gloucester. I’ve been fortunate to lend my creative approach to many and various social events having attended and orchestrated some special and elaborate functions and events from a young age. 

I think its safe to say I’m known for my hospitality and warm gatherings.  I have a simple and authentic style, always fun, my  ‘get-togethers’ bring friends and family closer. Big and smaller budgets alike, I am ever resourceful and extremely driven.  I am an avid vintage hoarder collector (much to my husband’s dismay) 


My favourite part of any wedding is seeing the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking towards him. It’s like watching a ‘once in a lifetime’ and without words, both of them saying, “I will always love you” 

Have peace of mind and confidence in my expertise in crafting a range of ceremonies, from basic ceremonies, elopements, to complex “want it all” ceremonies. 


I try to make everything as simple as possible, including the “boring” but legally essential paperwork, so that you can concentrate on the rest of your “to do” list. 


And should you need a helping hand with anything else, I'm just a phone call away … “nothing is too much trouble” 


'Wishing you a wonderful week, month and year – Live Long & Prosper' 


Debra (Debbie, Deb) 


Feel free to call, 0428431115 email, or fill out the form and I will be in touch.

I would love to meet up and chat more about your details and vision.  Deb, (Debbie, Debra) all of them work for me   

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